Soyka - Bechamel

Soyka - Pizza

Soyka - Party nachos

Soyka - Nachos

Soyka - Lasagne

Soyka - Cocoa pudding

Soyka - Cheesecake

Soyka - Bolognese ala Soyka

Soyka - Pokebowl with tempeh

Soyka - Soup bowl with tempeh

About Soyka

Our story

Selling fresh tofu at farmers markets may sound crazy to some. Michal Jeřábek did it a few years ago but because nobody offered anything similar he came with an interesting business plan. Out of desire for fresh soy products he and his family had decided to build a company with a range of products that is also very popular among the Asian community. How was the Soyka brand born? What products does Soyka produce and why do the products have a red star in their name?

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